Terms of Use (rental items)

Tents and Tent Accessories

  • Tents will not be installed in the event of extreme weather forecast.
  • Free standing marquee tent prices include set up, take down, and pick up and should not be set up, moved or taken down by anyone other than our delivery crew.
  • Do not use crepe paper or streamers to decorate any part of the canvas, cross cables or poles.
  • Do not use staples, pins, nails, or tape of any kind on the canvas. If tape is used on the cross cables or poles it must be removed prior to our crew returning for pick up or additional cleaning charges apply.
  • Do not let bare light bulbs touch the canvas and if you are using an outdoor heater, it must be kept a safe distance from the canvas.
  • Do not use a grill or barbeque under or up wind from the tent as soot and grease stains the material, additional cleaning charges will apply if this occurs.
  • Do not build fires or have open flames under or near the tent to ensure no sparks, soot, etc land on the canvas.
  • Our crew must be informed if you have a septic field or underground irrigation before delivery, as we may need to use stakes to anchor the tent structure to the ground.
  • Additional cleaning charges will apply if tent comes back in less than satisfactory condition.

Tables and Chairs

  • Do not use staples, duct tape or packing tape on tables or chairs, any other tape used must be removed before returning. Any food or drink spillage is to be cleaned off the tables or chairs prior to returning.
  • Felt pads may be used under the table or chair legs to protect floors, but must be removed before returning.
  • Additional charges will apply for extra cleaning or maintenance after your rental is returned.
  • Some weight restrictions may apply to rental chairs and other equipment.


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